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Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Newington’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC), under the auspices of the NPEA Board, attempts to control the appearance of the neighborhood by taking deed restrictions seriously and by correcting rule violations once they are known. As a reminder, no exterior structure (including additions, sheds, buildings, fences, in-ground pools, etc.) can be constructed in the subdivision unless the construction plans are approved by NPEA. You can submit your plans using the form below.

What could happen if covenant restrictions are not enforced? Plenty! There are plenty of examples of real problems faced by other subdivisions. How would you feel about a portable toilet company storing its toilets and cleaning them on the driveway next door? Or what about a big tractor-trailer rig permanently parked on the street? Or people in every business under the sun operating out of their homes? It happens in some subdivisions, and the only way you can preserve the lifestyle you thought you were buying is to enforce your deed restrictions. Without restrictions people could leave garbage in their yards permanently, never maintain their homes, store inoperable cars in the street, park their boats in their front yards, park motor homes in the street or driveways for years, leave construction unfinished, and make every kind of bizarre, unsuitable remodeling project you can imagine.

ARC has been effective in resolving many of our community’s covenant infractions. When contacted, most people have been very considerate, and they comply as soon as a problem is brought up to their attention. The committee is grateful for the support and cooperation. Enforcing our community rules is an endless, expensive (and usually thankless) endeavor, but it is necessary for the health and vitality of our neighborhood.

The NPEA Board members are currently fulfilling the duties of the ARC. Contact email is

Request a Change to the ARC

The ARC as defined in the Bylaws

The responsibility to review and approve plans, and to ensure compliance with restrictions specified by the Covenants is vested with the NPEA Board. The goal of the Board is to ensure properties and property improvements in Newington remain aesthetic and suitable, and do not adversely impact neighborhood property values.

If an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is designated by the NPEA Board, the ARC will assume the day-to-day responsibility of ensuring compliance with the Covenants and approving plans. The ARC shall still maintain the option of deferring any Covenant issue or any submitted plan to the NPEA Board for a decision. The ARC shall be composed of not less than three (3) nor more than seven (7) members, all of whom shall be NPEA Members in good standing.

Members shall provide two sets of written plans (if provided on paper) or one set of digital plans (if sent by electronic means or media recognized at the time) to the ARC Chairman (if one has been designated), or to the ARC Vice-Chairman (if one has been designated). If these persons are unavailable or not designated by the NPEA Board, plans must be provided to either the NPEA President or the NPEA Vice-President.

Approvals or disapprovals must be in writing (by letter or by electronic means or media recognized at the time) and must be signed (in writing and/or by electronic signature) by at least two (2) ARC members or by at least two (2) Directors. At a minimum, a submitted plan should include the following:

  1. A simple drawing and/or a description of the proposed structure with dimensions and specifications.
  2. Location of the structure depicted on a sketch or plat of the Member’s Lot.
  3. If it is an outbuilding, a description of the exterior finish and color.
  4. The ARC or Board may request additional information as it deems necessary.

NOTE: Members should refer to the Covenants for additional approval of plan requirements.